Training programme 4

Back in July 1997, Pania Dalley worked part-time as a fitness/aerobics instructor and decided it was time for a change in fitness routine so took up running, something she hadn’t done for about fifteen years, basically, she was starting from scratch. Meeting friends for a run helped her to increase her endurance levels and LSD (long slow distance). Pania says the following programme was given to her by a veteran Kepler Challenge runner.

Kepler Training Programme from 11 weeks out

Before starting this programme, you must have a base fitness of at least 2 hrs comfortably and hold a conversation without struggling for breath.

1st 4 Weeks - Use hill but not more than twice a week

Day Time Type
Sat1 - 1.5 hrsEasy running
Sun1 ≤ - 2 hrsInclude hills
Mon1 hrSlow
Tues1 hrSteady pace for 30mins
WedUp to 1.5 hrsEasy running
Thur1 hrInclude 4 - 6 stride outs @ 85% effort 70 - 80 metres (Increase into stride outs and slacken out of them)
Fri1 hrQuiet

2nd 4 Weeks - Build up to using hills - up to 3x a week

Same as first 4 weeks except:

Day Time/type
Saturday1.5 hrs
SundayWork up to a three hour run. Do two within 4 weeks if you can
Wednesday1.5 hrs

Next 2 Weeks - Stay off the hills!

Day Time/type
Saturday 70 mins - easy. Include some stride outs - but no more than 6
Sunday2 hrs - relaxed
Monday≤ hr - 1 hr - slow
Tuesday1 hr - slow - except steady pace for 15 mins
Wednesday1.5 - easy
Thursday1 hr - including no more than 6 stride outs
Friday30 mins - easy

Last Week - No Hills!

Day Time/type
Saturday1.5 - relaxed
Sunday1 hr - with 15 mins steady pace
Monday1 hr - slow
TuesdayUp to 1 hr - relaxed - with up to 6 stride louts
Wednesday30 - 40 mins - quiet