Charity Runner’s Pledge

The 2011 ASICS Kepler Challenge has 15 charity runners who have paid $1000 to ensure their entry into the 60km mountain run. This year, the money is going to our very worthy youth group, the Te Anau Scout Troop.

One of our 15 charity runners has made a very generous pledge. For every minute he knocks off his previous Kepler Challenge time, he will donate a further $10 to this year’s charity, the Te Anau Scout Group.

Victor Allis from The Netherlands, has said that to make matters even more interesting for the Te Anau Scouts and himself, he pledges the following:
for every minute he improves on last year's time, he will pay an extra $10 to charity.

For example:

  • - if he finishes in 10:00:00, he will pay another $100
  • - If he finishes in 9:00:00, he will pay another $700
  • - If he finishes in 8:00:00, he will pay another $1300.

This way he hopes he will motivate himself to train as hard as he can to improve on last year's time.