Official: the ASICS Kepler Challenge good for your health

One of our runners wrote to us recently looking for the name of a fellow runner... not normally something we'd do as we respect your privacy. But this time? Rather different. Read on...

"I was enroute, about one hour of the way in, gasping for breath on the ascent of Mount Luxmore - only 6.5 hours to go. Normally it is the guy that follows the girl but in this case I was in front playing tag with a female Kepler entrant when she piped up
“Have you had that mole on your leg checked”

I immediately thought that my legs must be worth looking at and then I thought again
“Are you a doc ?” I managed to expel through heaving lungs. She replied in the affirmative.

Now I was a little concerned and thought it wise to get on and finish the run before metastatic disease spread to my lungs. I finished the run in front of “the Doc” and heard the mega phone herald her into the finishing pen 10-20 minutes later:
“............... .............. is a skin specialist from Queensland”

Now I was definitely concerned and on returning to Christchurch had the mole checked out. The diagnosis was a melanoma fortunately at a relatively early stage, and save for a bit of a dent in my calf and a scar, all is good.

It would seem that “the Doc” and the race had done me a great service, possibly a life saving one.
I would like to contact this runner and say thanks. I wonder if you could find out who it is – she finished about 7h40m and was described as a skin specialist from Queensland.
Thanks and hopefully I will be able to enter/run again this year."

So it just goes to show... running is good for your health!