ASICS Kepler Challenge and Luxmore Grunt 2012 full

We have again filled in super-quick time. The 2012 ASICS Kepler Challenge and Luxmore Grunt events and waitlist are both now full.

Congratulations to those who have managed to secure a place. The waitlist will be posted as soon as possible after the 17th July (payment due date) once entries have been verified and confirmed

The Committee have done everything we can to make the entry process as stress free as possible as we do understand how disappointing it is to miss out on registration. Despite all our best efforts the unprecedented demand for the 25th event means that some people may have experienced delays in obtaining the registration page. The escalated server worked as quickly as it could to provide connections but was simply overloaded by the demand. This would have been the same for everyone hoping to enter.

Thank you all for your continued support of the ASICS Kepler Challenge and Luxmore Grunt and happy training!