We have a winner!

We're pleased to announce a new runner in this year's field and already a winner – this time of a place in the event.

Our TradeMe auction for the Lesley Cantwell memorial fund was run over a week and we are delighted to have raised just over $2000.

The winning bid came from a previous runner, Malcolm Webb, who said "I’m thrilled to have won. Such a worthy cause as well. I remember being deeply moved when I heard about Lesley’s tragedy, so it’s fantastic to contribute towards her daughter’s fund."

Lesley overcame a challenging medical condition to set her goals to represent NZ at an Olympic games and was on target being ranked in the top 2 of NZ race walkers. She had just won the Oceania title in Tahiti when she tragically collapsed and died. The NZ athletics community has started a fund for Brooke for her future and any support is greatly appreciated. If you wish to contribute you can make donations to: ASB account no. 12-3192-0002433-05

In a small way Malcolm pays testimony to Lesley's dedicated spirit. As he was working in Yangon, Myanmar at the time, Malcolm had to stay up to 4am to make the bid.
"The internet in Yangon goes on and off quite frequently, so I was a bit nervous it would go down when I needed to make the bid." Something we're sure he will be remembering as he runs this year's race... and maybe commenting on in his blog.

We wish the best of luck to Malcolm for his training.

Malcolm Webb