Compulsory gear list

These events are completed over mountain terrain and can be subject to adverse weather conditions. Race officials will check this gear at registration before race numbers are issued.

Take care with your gear packing, and know where each item is, so that you (and we!) will be able to maximise your speed through check points. Some runners put each item into a clear bag (eg a zip-lock) so they are easy to find and see.

These pictures are intended as a guide to the clothing.

thermal gloves
Thermal gloves

thermal hat
Thermal hat

thermal long-johns
Thermal long johns

thermal top
Thermal top

seam-sealed jacket
Seam-sealed jacket

Note: This gear must be carried or worn by all competitors for the duration of the event and Kepler Challenge competitors will be re-checked at Luxmore Hut. Spot checks of gear will also be made at the finish line of both events. Competitors who do not carry the compulsory gear will be disqualified and withdrawn from the event.

Fresh Choice Kepler Challenge Mountain Run

Challenge event runners must wear or carry:

  • TWO Thermal (or equivalent) long-sleeved tops
  • ONE Thermal (or equivalent) long johns
  • Thermal (or equivalent) Hat and gloves
  • Windproof and waterproof (seam-sealed) jacket and windproof and waterproof (seam-sealed) overpants
  • Survival Blanket

Luxmore Grunt

Grunt event runners must wear or carry:

  • Windproof and waterproof (seam-sealed) jacket
  • Thermal or equivalent hat and gloves
  • Recommended: Thermal or equivalent long-sleeved top and long johns.


Garments with thermal properties are considered to be those that wick moisture away from the body while remaining relatively dry and giving a degree of heat-retention. Polypropelene and merino wool fabrics that are close-fitting are examples of this. Cotton is not suitable since it retains moisture and thus acts as a heat-sink.

Please note that Skins® do not have thermal properties and CANNOT therefore be accepted as part of the compulsory safety gear.

Seam sealed means that all seams have been taped and heat-sealed (or equivalent process) by the manufacturer, similar to Goretex© jackets.

A windproof and waterproof seam sealed jacket and over-pants must be capable of providing an effective windproof and waterproof barrier to the weather conditions that may be experienced in a mountain environment. The decision on whether the garments meet the required standard will be made by the Kepler Committee at registration.